The segment of such cars is quite conservative and, although under the onset of crossovers, it is going through hard times, the competition in it is very intense, and the buyer is finicky. How does the Odyssey of the new model year feel against this background?

As you know, the name Odyssey the Japanese automaker uses for two completely different models. Both of them are minivans, but one is sold in Japan and some countries of Southeast Asia, and the second is intended for the North American market. It will be about the American version, especially since he received some updates.

The first Odyssey appeared in 1994, and the current generation is already the fourth in a row. It appeared in 2011, in the status of a concept presented to visitors to the Chicago auto show a year earlier. The current version has been updated several times, although there was only one noticeable restyling. How long will the current Odyssey remain on the assembly line is an open question, however, according to unconfirmed reports, the company plans to release the fifth generation in 2017. If the data is correct, then you need to hold on to the current version a little more, and apparently it will be quite simple to do this: the model is quite competitive.

Much has been said about the Honda Odyssey design, but the general verdict is more neutral than approving or condemning. Appearance does not cause rejection, and after restyling, when the design of the front part was slightly changed, the car became, subjectively, even more “light” in appearance. Often criticize the side glazing line, especially the unusual shape of the rear side window. In the photo, most often it looks original, but it looks like it’s alive as if the back of the Odyssey was attached from a completely different, unknown car.

However, the minivan is most often chosen not for “beautiful eyes” - the interior and equipment are most valued in such cars, and here Odyssey can offer a lot.

The front panel design, despite the restyling, recalls the age of the model, returning to the previous generation Honda Accord. At the same time, the ergonomics are very successful, and the new function control unit with a multifunction screen fit into the platform to the right of the automatic transmission selector. Some inconvenience can be noted in that for controlling the touch screen one has to look lower than one would like, but the upper part of the panel is occupied by the screen of the navigation system.

It is difficult to attract a minivan buyer with one ergonomics, it should be a “highlight”, demonstrating which the dealership manager has the right to count on the surprised look of a potential buyer. Odyssey has several such “highlights”, and the first one can be considered a cooled box at the base of the front console. It is intended for drinks and may be in demand not only by the driver and front passenger.

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